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System Introduction

Forwell's Die / Mold Cart System provides automatic die or mold changes for a range of different machines, such as plastic injection molding machines, plastic extrusion machines and press machines. This Die / Mold Cart system offers very fast, efficient and safe die and mold changes, using an advanced cart on rails system.

Conventional die or mold changes can often take over an hour, but with the Die / Mold Cart System, die or mold changes are automatically completed in just a fraction of the time. Using this system, all procedures from die transfer and changing, to positioning and clamping is carried out by this system, resulting in extremely accurate die or mold changes. As the Die / Mold Cart System offers very precise die or mold changes, many operational issues can be avoided such as locking screws breaking when hand tightened, and incorrect mold alignment resulting in damage to the mold or production equipment.

The Die / Mold Cart System also massively increases safety and efficiency, by allowing for automatic operations and making it feasible to perform many small batch production runs. Another great feature of this system is that it can be configured to specific user needs, different production facilities and serve multiple production lines at once.