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Mold Cart System Layouts

Depending on whether you require a Cart System for a Punch Press or Injection Molding Machine multiple different Cart Layouts are possible. To see which different Cart Layouts are available please first select for which type of machining operation you require a Cart System. Remember Forwell can custom build a Cart System to fit your machining requirements, whether it be for a single machine or for a whole production line.

See below for different examples of Cart System Layouts for Injection Molding Operations.

Two Molds on a Moving Cart

Mold Cart System with a 2-mold cart for quick and automatic horizontal loading of molds.


Single Mold on a Fixed Cart

Mold Cart System with a single mold for quick and easy loading of molds.


Double Sided Cart Layout

Mold Cart System that loads molds for machines positioned either side of the cart.

Machines are facing opposite directions
Machines are facing the same direction


Parallel Machine Cart Layout

Mold changes are performed using a 2-mold cart that serves two or more injection molding machines that are positioned along one line. This allows for a wide application of quick mold changing.