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Die Cart System Layouts

Forwell can design the most practical and efficient Quick Die Change System according to your plant layout and equipment. To further improve the efficiency of your die changes, this system can be paired with Forwell’s Die Cart System to create a fully automatic die change system for your press production lines. When establishing a new production facility, please contact Forwell directly to see how beneficial a Quick Die Change System and Die Cart System can be for enhancing your productivity. Below you can see the different layout configurations possible when combining Forwell’s Quick Die Change System with Forwell’s Die Cart System:

Bidirectional Moving Cart Layout

Simultaneous 2-die change operation using two carts either side of the press. This layout allows for the fastest possible die change time.


Parallel Machine Cart Layout

Die changes are performed using a 2-die cart that serves two or more presses that are positioned along one line. This allows for a wide application of quick die changing.


Two Dies on a Moving Cart

Die Cart System with a 2-die cart for quick and automatic horizontal loading of dies.