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Our Range of Quick Mold Change System application in: Injection Molding

FORWELL is a professional production Quick Die Change Equipment company, which fit in Injection Molding, Press Machine, Hydraulic Pumps, and Die Cart. Our Quick Mold Change System can speed up injection Molding, Precision, and increase activity to injection die mold and die mold change operations. Our Quick Mold Change System combines three different functions of equipments, including: Control Box, Die Clamp, and Pump Unit, which provides the movable clamped for mold changing to reduce machine downtime and improve capacity. That makes the production management better capacities in productions and automation.

FORWELL delivers unmatched functionality and durability for a variety of Quick Die Change and Mold Clamping Solutions. Using FORWELL Quick Mold Change Equipment with high quality technology makes your future to bring increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and increased safety. If you have any need about Quick Die Change System, please contact with us. Just click above link you can get more detail the equipment information.

Injection Molding, Mold Clamping Solutions

Control Box

Injection Molding - Control Box The control panel offers an interface to monitor and control operations of the quick
mold change system. The upper half of the screen displays automatic functions while the lower half is used for operator-controlled functions.

Die Clamp

Injection Molding - Die Clamp Because this lever-type clamp does not require a U-cut on the die shoe, it may be
used in a wide range of applications. The base of the clamp is machined to fit the
T-slot on the bolster. The flange-mount model clamp may be bolted onto the bolster. The automatic slidermodel makes remote control possible.

Pump Unit

Injection Molding - Pump Unit
  • Pump is driven by air and produces high hydraulic pressure.
  • Pressure is adjusted by an air-adjusting valve. When pressure reaches
    multiples of super charge, the air valve will stop operation.
  • Hydraulic pressure will maintain for a long time even when there is a power failure or the air pressure disappears.
  • Long-time hydraulic pressure last in allows less power consumption; safe, economical and convenient.
  • With pressure on-and-off sensing functions.
  • Measurement: L 470 x W 180 x H 350 (mm).
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